is a first of its kind, worldwide social network that connects composers, musicians, producers, and friends. The Live Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) allows you to make your own music no matter how experienced you are with beats. Collaborate, use studio-grade audio, make music, and share...thatโ€™s



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Co-founders Joe and Rudy began their journey back in spring 2016, when the first concept of the software and service for their start-up company,, came to be and became Patent Pending. Working around the clock, the start-up company spent its first year and a half developing research, and networking. Finally, on June 15th, 2018, the Founders and software developers had started development and product design with a Patent. Early access to the product will soon be deployed. Early access will allow users to gain updates on the product, create traction, and have early networking possibilities. It is our passion to bring you music as simple and elegantly as possible.

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